Dr Robert Finch


Dr Robert Finch is a Xenomicist and popular science author. He was formerly Science Facilitator for the Tommorow Research Centre at Orion Prime and was a fellow of the Arcadian Science Faculty.

Finch came to prominence with his first publication Aliens spend money too, which popularised the term Xenomicist. In recent years he has made a widely cited contribution to Xenobiology with the concept, presented in his book Xenomes, that the Xenotypic effects of a gene are not necessarily limited to an organism’s genetics, but can stretch far into the gene pools of other organisms.

In his most recent book The Argument from Xenophobia, he argued against the Xenocide Position, an argument for the elimination of Alien Races based upon the complexity of their genetic code. He has since written several popular science books, and makes regular stellar cast appearances, predominantly discussing these topics.

Dr Robert Finch

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