While its location is not known, the city of Bik’ar’agan is one of the most famous locations in the known universe. It is from here that the Dynestria Aetherii were said to have mined Aetheryte in vast quantities. Indeed, many treasure hunters and archaeologists alike have done their utmost to find the city and its mines.

Whether or not the mines exist and are waiting to be found, it is known is that Bik’ar’agan was definitely a real place, with references in the Malthusia and, perhaps more reliably, Drandora’s Galactic Atlas. Indeed, sections of the former work are credited to locals of Bik’ar’agan – providing a central argument pointing to the credibility of Aethreyte-believers.

Works describe Bik’ar’agan as a very simple place, of low education, and hard physical labour. The terrain is inhospitable and the city functional. Indeed, it is likely that this fabled city fell to entropy, its inhabitants ill-equipped to maintain it.

Prior to the rise of the Antinomian Empire, Warhost Terrill led a secret mission to find the lost city and uncover its secrets. While nothing circumstantial has been written of the Warhost, it could be argued that he was successful and that success went a long way to helping the Empire in its early days.